trackOmeter Features​

Trackers to suit your business

Tracking staff, elderly, kids and lone workers

1 car is stolen every 45 seconds

Car theft is increasing according to the federal bureau of investigation. Protect your vehicles, Staff and Assets.

Monitor them with our advanced GPS Tracking system.
Instantly locate it’s position from the web dashboard or your mobile phone or tablet.

Small Business

Ideal for tracking cars, boats, motorbikes, bicycles, motorbikes, motor homes and hire equipment.

  • Keep track of employees, arrival and departure times, travel times and locations travelled.
  • Track and record your 4x4 trips and ensure the car is where you left it
  • Discover personal usage of company vehicles, missing petrol and missed appointments
  • Keep track of Hire and rental equipment
  • Industry grade reporting using our easy to use service.
  • LIVE View and historical playback

One low monthly cost of $4.99

trackOmeter has been designed with 2 simple goals.
Cost effective to reach the small to medium businesses and simple intuitive to use.
We’ve achieved our goals with the trackOmeter GPS Tracking system.

  • Permanently installed trackers for trucks, cars, trailers, ships, vans and personnel
  • REAL TIME tracking with up to 10 second location updates
  • Government regulatory compliance
  • Custom reporting built around your business
  • Advanced SDK/API Developer Integration
  • Report scheduling, multiple user accounts
  • Live Alerts via mobile notifications, SMS, email or direct telephone calls

Real time live view

View your vehicles current location in real time. Positions are updated every 10 seconds.

Stop vehicle misuse

Review whether your staff are using your vehicles as personal vehicles by leaving certain boundaries or driving outside of work hours.

Unlimited historical data

We store your data forever, you can play back your history as far back as you like.

Safe and secure

trackOmeter uses propriety encryption and secure data transmission to protect your privacy.

Driver behavior logging

Stay informed of how your vehicles are used. trackOmeter logs information like harsh acceleration, braking and cornering and excessive RPM, plus much, much more.

Monitor fuel and mileage expenses

Get insight into fuel usage and trip distances traveled for vehicle expense forms.

Worried about fuel theft?

Is your fuel usage unpredictable? Identify and deal with petrol theft by monitoring the fuel level.

Event notifications

Get instant notifications when vehicle usage or driving style seems suspicious.

Usernames and Passwords are encrypted and transmitted using secure communications.

High reliability Data center hosted servers for maximum up time and performance.

Quickly drill down to the historical data you want with quick select calendars.

World Class Database design for instant data retrieval and secure and reliable data storage.

Multi platform support for smart phones, tablets and most browsers.

Global location tracking with time zone support.

Store your searches and views as favorites for quick future retrieval.

Export data to popular Geographical data formats such as GPX and KML.

Multi User support built in. No need to purchase additional licenses.

LIVE, Real Time view of devices using a clean and simple to use web page.

Multiple report exporting options for most commonly used reports.

Great looking reports without any additional training in reporting programs, export reports directly to pdf formats.

Notifications on devices departing or arriving at places. Just mark your place and select the notification.

Powerful Search allows for access to the exact importation you need, search by date, waypoint, speed and much, much more.

Receive instant email and smart phone notifications by setting up alert triggers.

Emergency SOS Triggers notify your closest contacts to your location.

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